Forte Treporti veduta aerea


An area of over 26,000 m2, an imposing fortification built in red brick and white Istrian stone, a moat in communication with the lagoon and a characteristic drawbridge (no longer visible). Forte Treporti, also known as Forte Vecchio, is one of the military buildings defending the water entrances to Venice. It is located near Lio Grando, along the road of fortifications to the discovery of historical military architecture.

The Austrians built it between 1845 and 1851 on the remains of a French fort, to control the lagoon territory and the Punta Sabbioni inlet, with anti-ship armaments facing the sea and artillery towards the lagoon. The two telemetric towers, one cylindrical and the other quadrangular, were built during the Great War to sight the enemy and calculate the direction of fire.

Years of Construction: 1845 – 1851
Address: Via Lungomare S. Felice, loc. Punta Sabbioni – Cavallino Treporti (VE)
GPS coordinates: 45°27’21.2″”N 12°26’16.7″”E